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Terms and Conditions


AxiomSoaring Profits Refund Policy

Products purchased through OptionAxiom, LLC, which qualify for a refund as per the terms and conditions of purchase or Subscription Agreement, are payable within 30 days from the date of authorization, return of materials and receipt by OptionAxiom, LLC, of a written request conforming to the terms and conditions of purchase or Enrollment Agreement and prior to the expiry of the guarantee period. Completion of a Performance Guarantee Trade Worksheet and Summary and copies of brokerage statements and any other documentation reasonably requested by OptionAxiom, LLC may be required.

Clients are required to contact the Returns Officer prior to the return of goods to qualify the return criteria. Upon confirmed qualification, a Return Merchandise Authorization number will be issued. The Return Merchandise Authorization number is valid for 30 days. Clients wishing to return goods after this time will need to contact the Returns Officer and re-apply. OptionAxiom, LLC, will not accept delivery for any returned material that does not note the Return Merchandise Authorization number clearly on the outside packaging.

Clients must return goods via a registered post method. OptionAxiom, LLC accepts no responsibility for goods lost or damaged in transit.

Refund payments for approved returned products will be made via the method of original purchase, with the exception of direct debit payments, which will be refunded by check.

Any enquiries associated with the Terms and Conditions of refunds and returns must be directed to the Returns Officer in writing to:

OptionAxiom, LLC
7777 N. Wickham Rd
Suite 12-258
Melbourne, FL 32940

In respect of the terms of any relevant OptionAxiom guarantees, a completed trade is one that includes both an entry and an exit. Where a single strategy involves multiple legs, the components of the strategy will be considered as a single trade. Where a strategy involves an opening of a position, and then a rolling of that position over time, the opening and subsequent transactions will be considered as a single trade until the trade is posted as closed in the model account for the purposes of any guarantee.

Digital Product Delivery

Wherever possible OptionAxiom.com strives to provide immediate digital access to products and services such as software, educational tools, assessment services and members areas. Typically access information to these digital products are dispatched immediately upon your successful purchase entering our system. However, at times due to technology changes, upgrades, etc you may experience a short delay between a successful purchase and the provision of your digital access codes.

In addition, OptionAxiom.com has no influence or responsibility over technologies through which you may access the purchased Product or Service or through which your access information is transmitted to you except for those owned and operated by OptionAxiom.com. Examples of such technologies not owned or operated by OptionAxiom.com that may influence to speed of transmission include: Mail services to which you may be subscribed (MSN, HOTMAIL, YAHOO, GMAIL, ETC), Mail Filtering Technology, Web Browsing technologies (IE, FIREFOX, CHOME, OPERA), Internet Service Provider infrastructure, Local or wide area networks, wireless service technologies and access points etc.

Purchase Receipts


At all times you will immediately receive a receipt for your OptionAxiom.com purchase.

This receipt will be displayed online ready for you to print and file, and a copy will be delivered to you via email for your digital records.

Recurring membership fees are automatically charged monthly to the credit card on file for your account. Each month you will receive a receipt of payment for successful charge to your nominated credit card. If, for any reason the transaction to your credit card is not successful you will be notified via email to your nominated contact address. A grace period of 7 days will be afforded to you to resolve the issue preventing the current months charge. If you are unable to resolve the issue your membership access will be terminated.

Physical Products

At all times OptionAxiom.com strives to maintain a same day dispatch policy. However delays in delivery may occur depending on the country, state and region of the ship-to address.

Please note that we do NOT give Guarantees for Delivery Date as we have no control over extenuating circumstances that may or may not delay delivery after we have shipped. Tracking Report of the concerned courier company will be conclusive proof of delivery.

Please also note: Once an order is shipped, the amount of time it will take for you to receive it is based on the delivery method you selected during the checkout process.

Shipping Costs:

All shipping costs are determined by the weight of the product and parcel.

Back Order Policy:

When you purchase a physical educational product from OptionAxiom.com, our intent is to bring you everything you’ve ordered as quickly as possible. There are times, however, when, due to unforeseen circumstances, an item may be temporarily Out of Stock.

Back Order:

When this happens, your order will be processed as usual, with your credit or bankcard charged for the full amount of your order. You will then immediately be sent all items you’ve ordered that are in stock at that time. All remaining items you’ve ordered which are Out of Stock are placed for you on Back Order.


Once the back order is ready to be shipped, OptionAxiom.com will send the back ordered items by regular USPS or standard UPS mail even in the event of a customer having chosen any other shipping method, since the first shipment will be sent as per the customer’s chosen method of shipping. For example, if a customer had chosen UPS 2-Day Shipping as the method for his original order, all the available merchandise will be sent by UPS 2-Day and any unavailable merchandise will be sent within 15-20 business days by regular

USPS or standard UPS mail.

Please note that orders are charged only once which is at the time of placing an order. We do not charge again when the back order is being sent. Items not being shipped due to unavailability or any other reason, have already been billed and no additional charge will take place.


15 to 20 days:

We will then make every effort to acquire those items for you and send them out via regular USPS or standard UPS (at no additional cost to you) to fulfill your order within 15 to 20 days. If we are unable to do so, you credit or bankcard will be issued an immediate credit for the amount of your order we were unable to fulfill.


Order Status:

We tell you as soon as your order is processed if anything is being placed on Back Order. You will be sent an email from our Customer Service team informing you of these actions each step of the way, so you will always know your order’s status. You will never need to contact Customer Service; they will always keep you informed. Similarly, you can also access your Order info in Your Account to keep updated.


No additional cost:

We have adopted this policy to better serve you, our customers, as we want to make your order process as easy as possible as well as bring you every item you’ve ordered in a reasonable amount of time at no additional cost. Please note: All normal State and Federal taxes, duties, and tariffs apply to shipment of Back Ordered items and are the responsibility of the consumer.

VAT/Customs Duty:


Many countries, states and provinces do not charge duty on physical products. Other countries charge a very nominal duty. We will be more than happy to help you minimize payment of duty wherever possible. However these levies, if any, are the sole responsibility of the customer.


Wrong delivery address:

OptionAxiom.com assumes no responsibility for wrong delivery due to incorrect and/or incomplete address supplied by the customer.


All payments are made in US Dollars or in current exchange value of other convertible currency.

Billing Policy:


This OptionAxiom.com Billing Agreement (“Billing Agreement”) is between OptionAxiom.com. (“OptionAxiom.com”) and you.


By agreeing to these terms, you are giving OptionAxiom.com permission to charge your credit card account for partnership/membership fees and other amounts or charges that you authorize for OptionAxiom.com products and/or services. Depending on your agreement with OptionAxiom.com, and your product selection, OptionAxiom.com may charge your credit card account on a one-time, or recurring basis. You authorize your credit card issuer to pay OptionAxiom.com the full amount presented by OptionAxiom.com as billed to your credit card account. OptionAxiom.com will present you with an invoice at least 7 days in advance of charging your credit card account for ongoing services. The nominated Credit Card will become your payment method on file with OptionAxiom.com for automatic payment of your partnership, membership and/or technology access fees. If you previously had another payment method on file for automatic payment of fees, your newly provided credit cards will replace that method.


If this Billing Agreement is canceled, or if the payment of your OptionAxiom.com products and/or services through OptionAxiom.com cannot be completed for any reason, you remain obligated to pay OptionAxiom.com for all unpaid products and/or service fees, and OptionAxiom.com may attempt to recharge your nominated credit card or charge a payment method previously on file with OptionAxiom.com for payment of your OptionAxiom.com products and/or services, such as an alternate credit card or checking account.

Return and Refund Policy:

No-one can guarantee success in business. There are so many factors that contribute to success, many outside the scope of our influence. However, we can guarantee that the systems and solutions we source, integrate and provide for you will work according to design.

Our guarantee is that of quality, service, satisfaction and reliability. Everything works as planned on the agreed delivery date to achieve the agreed end objective or you pay NOTHING.

At times, we may restrict or expand the limitations of an individual product return policy, or product guarantee for a specific promotional period. Purchases made during these periods are subject to the policies promoted with the product or service during the specified promotional period. All such temporary promotional statements are considered as “the policy” applicable to any and all purchases made during the promotional period thereby the temporary promotional policy prevails over the below listed of our cancellation/return/refund policies and their limitations for each product/service offered through our network.

You will receive a copy of the policy specific to your purchase along with your receipt of payment for your records. Please refer to your product specific cancellation/return/refund policy and forward the issued policy relative to your claim to Support@OptionAxiom.com

Digital Membership Plans:

Cancellation: You may cancel your Membership Plan at any time by contacting our Customer Service Department via our website, email or phone. Your plan will automatically cancel at the end of the current billing period. No further charges will be made to the credit card held on your file.


Refund/Return: : You may request a refund of your Membership Plan Fees purchased through OptionAxiom.com* at any time within the first 30 days of your Membership access if you are unsatisfied with your Membership Plan (including Software, Education and/or Members Area). Membership Plan refunds are limited to the current months membership fees paid as per the billing cycle defined on your most recent membership payment receipt. Should you chose to continue with your subscription beyond the first months billing period you may cancel at any time, however your right to refund of service fees is forfeit. *PLEASE NOTE: Products and services purchased through third party affiliate marketing companies may have refund/return policies that vary from those of OptionAxiom.com and are administered at the discretion of and in accordance with the policies and procedures of the respective affiliates.


Digital Non-Membership Purchases:

Refund/Return: You may request a refund of your purchase at any time within 30 days of your purchase if you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason. Simply forward your Order ID, and full description of your dissatisfaction to our Customer Service Department via our website, email or phone. We reserve the right to replace faulty products or provide an upgrade path for required features in lieu of credit.


Systems Contract Purchases:

Cancellation: You may cancel your Membership Plan at any time by contacting our Customer Service Department via our website, email or phone. Your plan will automatically cancel at the end of the current billing period. No further charges will be made to the credit card held on your file.

Refund/Return: You may request a refund of your purchase at any time within 30 days of your purchase if you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason. Simply forward your Order ID, and full description of your dissatisfaction to our Customer Service Department via our website, email or phone.

Live Events:

Cancellation : You may cancel your ticket to our live events at any time. Cancellations before Event -30 days will be refunded in full, however cancellations made within the 30 days prior to the live event will attract a cancellation fee of 30%.

Refund/Return: Full payment must be received prior to the commencement date of each event. However, if you do not believe the content presented in the first day of the event is worth the full investment you have made, return all manuals, teaching aids, learning tools, DVD’s, CD’s, or any other such media provided to you at the event and speak directly with any of our staff at the end of the first day and we will arrange an immediate return of your full investment. However, once you have claimed this satisfaction guarantee you will be asked and required to leave the premises hosting the event.

Physical Goods:

Cancellation: If you wish to cancel an order, you are required to communicate this immediately within 24 hours of the order placement. If your order has been shipped already, we absolutely cannot cancel the order.

Refund/Return: If you are unsatisfied with the product delivered simply notify us within 7 days of you receipt of the product and return-ship the product to our registered address, as displayed at on our Contact page. Returns must be returned in NEW resalable condition along with full explanation of your dissatisfaction. Upon receipt of the shipped goods we will immediate process your claim. We reserve the right to replace faulty products in lieu of credit.

Refund Credits:

All credits will be posted to your nominated credit card used for the initial purchase. This credit process may take up to 3 business days. In addition, the corresponding bank of the card on file may take an additional 2 business days to actually post the credit to your account. Customers can check these credits in their next credit card statement. We reserve the right to, at our full discretion, provide you with Store Credit to the value of the purchase to use towards a future purchases instead of placing a refund.

Some helpful guidelines on Returns:

- Always be sure to report your problem within 7 days of receiving access to the item in question.
- Never send a returned item without providing notification with the product as to the reason for its return.
- Where possible report all problems associated with a single order at the same time.
- Always return your item(s) using ONLY USPS first class postage.
- Be as specific as possible when describing the problem, as all returned items are examined for defects.
- Any costs above the USPS shipping cost of $2.00 (USD) are the responsibility of the customer.

We may alter our return policies at any time. Such alterations, amendments or additions will be displayed on this page for your review at any time. Any and all subsequent purchases from the time of the changes, as presented on this page, and as dated on this page, will be subject to the newest form of the policy. Purchases prior to the amendment date and claims and claims on such purchases will be supported and addressed by the policy specified at the time of the original purchase.