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Understanding the Alert Emails

Receiving the AxiomAlerts is optional, however it can be a great way to get the alert information anywhere.  Due to the restrictions on the length of characters in a text message, you may receive more than one text for more complex alerts.  This will be notated in the message with a (text 1 of x). The x will be the second number telling how many text messages to expect to receive the full information.


text message components

The AxiomAlerts are sent out via email and text messaging. Each AxiomAlert will contain:

  1. The ticker symbol of the alert.
  2. The type of strategy for the alert.
  3. Alert type; New,Close, or an Adjustment.
  4. Complete alert information.
  5. Individual leg fill prices.
  6. Total debit or credit for the alert.
  7. Directs you to the Subscriber Dashboard for details.
AxiomAlert Text Explination