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Understanding the Alert Emails

Take a moment to become familier with the layout of our Alert Emails.  This will help you quickly take action the the information sent to you.  Where there is important additional information placed in the Alert Email you will see a sporate paragraph that starts with PLEASE NOTE.  This is often used when there is unique information in the alert such as the use of weekly options.


email components

The AxiomAlerts are sent out via email and text messaging. Each AxiomAlert will contain:

  1. The ticker symbol of the alert.
  2. Alert type; New,Close, or an Adjustment.
  3. Buy or sell and strategy type.
  4. Complete alert information.
  5. Total debit or credit for the alert.
  6. A brief explanation of the rational, more details are in the Alert Update.
  7. Important note about adjusting prices.
  8. Link to the Subscriber Dashboard with the stock charts & risk graphs.
Understanding Email Alerts Updated