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OptionAxom FAQ's

At OptionAxiom we stay focused on what makes our Subscribers successful, and that is the AxiomAlerts. This FAQ page is designed to answer the most common questions to allow our team to focus on the AxiomAlerts. Click on any question below to see the answer.


Most subscribers want to jump into all the AxiomAlerts as soon as they join. Doing this may yield different results than what OptionAxiom will show in the model portfolio. Traders with a little more experience will know if joining an existing AxiomAlert would make sense or not. If you are asking if you should join in an existing AxiomAlert then we would suggest you wait as there will always be another alert. The key to being a successful trading is having the patience to wait for the right time to enter, in this case, that would be holding off for the next AxiomAlert to be released.

The AxiomAlerts are sent our while the markets are open which means the option prices will change through normal market movements. Rob recorded a "Getting Started" to address questions such as this. Rob's 10% guideline simply states if the option pricing is withing 10% of the total debit or credit of the AxiomAlert pricing you can still join the alert.

OptionAxiom sizes all of our AxiomAlert based off a $5,000 model portfolio. We keep this constant allowing new and existing subscribers an easy way to size the alerts for their model portfolio. Simply calculate how much larger or smaller you want your model portfolio as a percentage. Then use that percentage to increase or decrease your contract size to match to your preference. Please note, no matter how OptionAxiom sizes an alert a subscriber should not size anything beyond what their comfort level is for money at risk.  

Typically each AxiomAlert will be around $500. There are times where due to the option pricing the AxiomAlert may be sized smaller or larger.  Please note, no matter how OptionAxiom sizes an alert, a subscriber should never size any thing beyond their comfort level for money at risk.

There is no set goal of how many AxiomAlerts we are looking to send out. Our focus is to send out only the best AxiomAlerts that meet Rob's stringent patterns and criteria. There have been months with as many as 9 AxiomAlerts sent out, and month with as few as 1. The average is typically between 4-6, however this is very dependent on how the markets conditions.

Absolutely! In fact we encourage all our subscribers to receive the texted AxiomAlerts along with the emails.  The freedom to not have to be tied to your email to receive the AxiomAlerts is enormous.  You can add your mobile number to your account under "My Profile".  You can text the word "Stop" to 313131 at anytime to stop receiving texts.  Currently we only support US mobile number and are working on expanding to international availability.

We send our alert texts using what is called "Short Code Messaging".  If you are not receiving the text messages there are 3 items you can check and typically resolve the issue.

Step 1)  Be sure you are on a month to month contract with your carrier and NOT on a prepaid mobile plan.

Step 2)  Text the word AxiomAlerts to 313131.  You should receive a text confirming you are now subscribed to texted alerts.

Step 3)  Call your carrier and check that "Short Code Messaging" is enabled on your phone.  

Once you have completed the necessary steps we are happy to send you a test text so you can verify everything is working.  Simply email Support@OptionAxiom.com or click here.