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Optimizing Iron Condors

6 Month Accelerated Coaching Program

Iron Condors are well known throughout the trading world for both their flexible risk to profit ratios and the consistent returns which ends them perfectly to both beginning traders and fund mangers alike. The key to long-term success is trading Iron Condors is to understand how to best apply Iron Condors to your trading style and profit goals.  In this 6 month Accelerated Coaching Program you will learn all of the skills needed to master Iron Condors including a unique method of managing risk.  Whether you are a novice or professional trader, learn how to create and optimize your own Iron Condor system and techniques.  


Crafting Your Custom Iron Condor System

The purpose of this Intensive Coaching Program is to give you a hands on education of the skill sets, techniques and understanding needed to craft your own custom Iron Condor system.  At the completion of this six month program you will have mastered a system that perfectly matches your own individual profit goals, risk profile, money management style and skill sets to meet your trading goals!  

What You Will Learn

Two Iron Condor Systems

Acclerate your trading toolbox with two Iron Condor systems.  The first is a very conservitive risk profile yielding consistant returns with very simple management.  The second with a more moderate risk profile, yielding higher potential returns with a bit more active management.  These systems will provide any trader a base to start with as we build on the concepts, optimization, and techniques over the coming months.

Trading IV with Iron Condors

Any trader should know that Implied Volatility controls the option markets.  An Iron Condor's profit, risk and probabilities are initially dictated by IV.  Learn how to properly analyze IV for Iron Condors and how to optimize changes in it to manage your success over time.

Technical Analysis & Iron Condors

Most traders use technical analysis in some capacity for entries, exits, adjustment points or simply to assist in making a decision.  Learn how to optimize your technical analysis skills as it applies to Iron Condors that will enhance your performance.  

Managing Losers to Control Risk

In trading there will always be losing trades.  Managing the losses correctly to maintain the profit returns over time is where most Iron Condor traders fail.  This is where the unique method of risk management comes in to significantly help limit those losses that plague most Iron Condor traders. 

Adjusting Winners to Increase Profit

With the potential losers under control, top performing traders focus on the winners to increase profit and consistency.  Learn when and how to adjust the winners with special attention paid to the warning signs to simply when to take the profits and not adjust.

Order Management for Automation

No professional trader will rely on 100% automation.  Many traders rely too much on using an "autopilot" type system when trading Iron Condors. Successful traders however, want to be part of the decision making process for the trade to make use of their experience as well as our unique risk management system. Proper Order Management can simplify a trader's day however, freeing up time and not forcing a trader to "babysit" their positions.  Iron Condors, done properly, are not high maintenance type positions.

Portfolio Management

Long term success in trading stems from Account, Portfolio and Money Management. The reality is each trader has a different risk tolerance..  Learn how to properly measure risk & margin and create a Portfolio Management plan that perfectly matches your own individual risk tolerance from Iron Condors, Account Allocation, Position Sizing and overall Portfolio Management will be covered in detail in this comprehensive course.

Meet Your Coach

Ryan a.k.a "Tonto"

Ryan has been a full time options trader for over 12 years and has educated and mentored traders across the globe in 8 different countries. As an independent contractor, he assisted several hedge funds and RIA's by educating and assisting them in implementing option strategies to help refine and manage their risk. These same skill sets combined with his unique approach to implied volatility is why countless traders have chosen to mentor under him in learning option trading and strategy optimization.

6 Month Accelerated Coaching

$1995.00  $1495.00

Early Bird Save $500.00!

Your Accelerated Coaching Program in March!

6 Month Accelerated Coaching

$1995.00  $1495.00

Early Bird Special! Save $500.00!

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6 Month Accelerated Coaching Includes

Intensive Coaching Sessions

Each intensive coaching session is designed to accelerate your own personal learning curve, highlighting the performance and optimization of trading iron Condors.  During the first four weeks we meet for 2 hours a week to create a baseline of skill sets and understanding.  The group sessions then meet every other week for 2 hours including time for individual Q&A.  The subsequent weeks we will meet for a Weekly Wrap-up focusing on practical application as well as group Q&A.

Live Case Studies

During the 6 month accelerated coaching we will find, manage and follow live examples in the markets.  Analyze the risk-to-profit ratio, probabilities, market conditions and adjustments to further enhance the coaching sessions.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Building consistent habits for trading is an essential component for long term success.  In the weeks without coaching sessions, we meet for 30 mins to review the live Iron Condor examples, discuss relevant market happenings and hold group Q&A.

6 Month Recording Access

Once the Accelerated Coaching Program is complete you will still have access to the recordings of ALL of the sessions for 6 full months giving one time to review, study and internalize their education further.

Direct Email Support

Ryan (aka Tonto) is nationally known for bringing a unique risk management system to the popular Iron Condor strategy.  You will receive direct email support with your coach Ryan throughout the entire program.  Between sessions questions will likely arise and you will be able to email Ryan directly.  Please note, no questions seeking personal investment advice will be replied to.