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Performance speaks for itself. Over the past twelve years, Rob has been teaching traders how to profit in the world of Options. A select few subscribers have been following his case study postings for nearly five years. Now you have the opportunity to follow his postings as well!

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ABOUT OptionAxiom was created as a resource for the average retail trader to help offset the fact that the overwhelming majority of retail traders lose money. Over the past twelve years, Rob Roy has presented market analysis as well as options education in countless live seminars and online training webinars worldwide. OptionAxiom now affords subscribers the ability to learn directly from Rob as he reveals exactly how he identifies opportunities to profit from the markets.


As an educational tool, subscribers gain firsthand access into Rob's analysis, thought process and current case studies in the markets. OptionAxiom provides prompt email notifications when Rob posts a new case study, including any potential adjustments and exit signals. Our subscribers will also receive a daily update of the markets activity, a weekly market outlook as well as admission to periodic online training events.


Rob's trading philosophy centers around the principle of risk management first. Therefore, all case study postings will be using strategies that contain a fixed, limited amount of risk. This philosophy highlights the advantages of options, ie: explosive potential moves with minimal risk. Although Rob may be most noted for his proficiency in technical analysis, over the years he has developed a proprietary non-directional trading strategy the results of which speak for themselves